Adding Length to a Too Short Dress

Isn’t this the cutest little dress ever?! I scored it for pennies on the dollar when my best friend and I discovered this amazing Goodwill Outlet Store. It’s one of those places you have to see to believe. From what I understand, they take all the stuff that doesn’t sell at all the normal Goodwill stores in the area (I’m pretty sure it includes most of Minnesota, as well as parts of Iowa, Wisconsin and South Dakota) and bring it here to sell. By. The Pound. Seriously. They take boxes the size of a small car, empty them out on to several ginormous tables, and then you just start digging! We would grab whatever we thought we might want and toss it in our cart for later review. When the cart got full we sorted through it, tried on what we could in public (yeah, the downside is no fitting rooms) and put anything we decided against back out on the tables. All in all, I spent about $30. When I got home I tried everything on, pulled off all the original Goodwill tags, and sent everything to the washing machine! I added up all the tags then, and it totaled something around $130. From the already cheap Goodwill prices!! And a couple of things still had actual NEW tags on them. I didn’t get anything grungy or stained or dirty. Obviously those things were there, but it was easy enough for me to find a TON of stuff that was super nice. This dress is from The Limited, and from the looks of it, it had never been worn before me 🙂 And a perfect fit!! Look at that! Pretty amazing. It’s only flaw was in length… but I was able to fix that – yay!
What I did was pretty simple. I wanted to add my length in the middle of the original dress, rather than just to the very bottom, so I went around slowly and cut off about an inch and a half first. Then I cut my contrast, which ended up being two layers, muslin and lace, into long, 4 inch wide strips, and sewed them onto the dress. Then all I had to do was line everything up and sew the original hem back on! I tried to make sure the side seams matched up. I didn’t do it perfectly, but I was only off by like half an inch on one side! There was quite a lot of pinning involved in the whole process, but it really only took an afternoon. I’m quite happy with the results.
DSC04624 DSC04625
Bonus – I even got the dear husband to participate in the blog here as photographer, and only slightly begrudgingly 😉
PicMonkey Collage

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